Volunteer Opportunities

The Lancer Parent Organization and Alumni provide volunteers to support the Lancers in their efforts. Team up with other parents, alumni and boosters to help support our band. Is this hard work? Yes! The work hours are long, but the “thank you’s” from the members make your time worthwhile! There is deep gratification knowing you have helped young people achieve their dreams and goals.

Parents, alumni, and other community volunteers have been an integral part of the Lancer daily operations ever since the band began in 1979. The organization cannot exist without dedicated individuals who volunteer time, talent, goods and funds to the band. Ask many longtime boosters who started as volunteers why they are now staunch Lancer supporters. If you like challenges, enjoy good times and like to work hard, VOLUNTEER!

We need your help to keep the Lancers at the peak of championship status. We have one of the lowest fee structures in the activity due to our great support from parents, alumni and the community. Without this we would have to charge more for the privilege of being in Lancers. With your help we can maintain our quality program and keep costs down. No special skills are required, just a desire to help.

The benefits of volunteering time with the Lancers are wonderful. Past volunteers often comment how rejuvenated they feel after spending time with the Lancers. At a time when youth are often characterized as lazy, unmotivated and troublesome, the hard work and effort that students put in day after day often invigorates many volunteers. While the volunteer work is often long and demanding, the rewards are felt each time the Lancers take the street in performance.

Your support is needed in many ways. We hope that you will share some of your experiences with us, helping us grow and become the best that we can be. The following is an outline of some of the areas we can use your help and how you may fit in. All the positions require the ability to work hard while having the time of your life!


  • Meet the Lancers meal

  • Cooking as needed

  • Preparing food for tour

  • Cleaning food storage at the end of the summer


  • Organizing the inventory for distribution

  • Fitting & sizing

  • Loading and delivery to Lincoln or dry cleaners at end of summer


  • Sew flags

  • Flag repair

  • Uniform maintenance & repair

  • Uniform alterations

  • Periodic cleaning


  • Repairs to equipment trailer

  • Construction as needed

  • Equipment organization & repair

  • Paint lines

  • Upgrading our methods of storage and movement


  • Donation of truck to pull trailer to Mankato Area events

  • Donation of vehicle to be used as a mobile staff office when on the road

  • Drive staff transportation


  • Vehicles as listed above

  • Fresh fruit – cases of oranges, bananas, apples, grapes or other fresh fruit

  • Popsicles at rehearsal break or after a performance

  • Snacks

  • Other items needed include:

  • Batteries (9 volt, AA…)

  • Powerade/Gatorade

  • Health kit items

  • etc…


  • Video rehearsals

  • Video performances


  • Chaperone for local parades and events

  • Chaperone for tour


  • Help with traffic control during camp and other rehearsals


  • Security

  • Set up water table

  • Run errands as needed


  • Hot Dog Stands

  • Garage Sale

  • Other fundraisers


  • Thunder of Drums

  • Final Concert

  • MSU Hockey


  • Alumni organization

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Finances

  • Computer


Most of our volunteers fall into this category. We just help out anywhere we can. Just be willing to work hard and have a good time.


The Lancers has greatly benefited from the amazing talents of our parents and alumni. Your career or life experiences may be beneficial to us. Feel free to share with us ways to improve our organization based on your experiences. Parent volunteer achievements are the cornerstone of our success. If you would like to help, please let us know.

To volunteer time, talent, goods, or funds, contact us!

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