Weekly Update

Good Morning Lancers!

I hope that everyone is well rested after a quick pit stop. As we move forward throughout the rest of the season I will do my best to provide weekly updates to help us prepare for the week ahead. Tomorrow we get back on track into our second lap! As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via e-mail or in person if you have any questions!


Please make sure to wash your compression shirt prior to tomorrow. Hand wash in cold water with detergent that does NOT contain bleach, hang to dry. Uniform Bibs: Wash the bibs in cold water on the gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent that does NOT contain bleach. Hang the bibs upside down. Make sure to match the inner leg seams of the pants. Uniform Vest: Do not wash in the machine. Use a damp cloth to wipe spots that need to be cleaned.

Charms Update

The Charms system has had some issues with calendar syncing to mobile devices. Until we know for sure that things are working, please make sure to check Facebook and the website calendar. The calendar IS working on everything else, just not syncing to mobile devices!

This Week

Tuesday — Rehearsal 9am-1pm. We will be delaying our departure time by 1 hour for tomorrow because we now have a more accurate idea of how long warm-up will take for each performance. The load time will be 3pm and we'll be departing at 3:30 — this is updated on Charms and the website.

Wednesday — Picture Day AND rehearsal. Pictures START at 9am — please plan to arrive beforehand and be ready to go in uniform by 9. The order form is attached below and they can be brought in as soon as tomorrow.

Excel Sheet Order Form

Thursday — Rehearsal from 9am-1pm — if you are free in the evening the kick-off for the 2019 Drum Corps International season will be playing at the River Hills Mall theater. This is optional, but an awesome opportunity that you won't want to miss!

Friday — Recharge for a busy weekend!

Saturday — St. Clair Days Parade and the Moondogs Game. We will be going directly from the parade to the baseball game, so please make sure to have everything that you need for the entire day. Parents — pick-up will be at the baseball game, not at East HS!

Sunday — Mankato Golf Club Performance — we are still waiting for a few details from the Golf Club on this event, but it will be a shorter event. As details become available we will make sure to e-mail them out.

Next Week

Pie in the Park, Tour Talk (Wednesday, June 26th at 7pm), and Mini Tour! Please make sure that you are preparing your body for a big rehearsal week and parades too — see you tomorrow at 9am sharp!

Michael Thursby
77 Lancers Director