Spat Camp - Day 4

Good day from day four of Spat Camp!  Things are coming together for the band.  A lot of focus on the details with a finish for the day doing a complete show run through from start to finish.  Talking with Mr. Thursby he is happy with how the band looks and sounds but is excited to see the students improve with each rep.

Chores & Cookies

Much like the students the Parent Board is focusing in on finishing up our projects before Meet the Lancers and the parades this weekend.  We have some final touch ups on the uniforms.  Final changes to the show prop showcasing the visual banner for “The Race”.  Then of course making final arrangements for our pulled pork meal tomorrow night.  We couldn’t be more excited about the treat for our meal.  2 Pins Bakery, by Tony Friesen of Mankato busted out 87…yes 87 dozen cookies for us for the meal.  If you have dessert needs Tony is the man to fill your sugar filled desires!

Meet the Lancers

 A few details about tomorrow night now.  The meal starts at 5:30pm and is served until around 6:45 so that everyone can move out to the street to watch the performance.  Hoffman Road will be shutdown again this year long enough for two performances.  Look for the checkered flags by the road marking the performance zone for the evening.  So, set up your lawn chairs or blankets between the flags so you can see every moment and hear every note!  After the street performance the Lancers will march back to Cougar Football Field for the concert portion of the night. After that is over the night of music will be complete.


Friday morning will be the conclusion of Spat Camp.  Rehearsal is from 9:00am - 1:00pm.  At 1:00pm your Lancer will be released from school and expected back at 3:30pm to begin warm ups before the Lake Crystal Battle of the Bands Parade.  Mr. Thursby and the staff will go over the evening itinerary with your Lancer on Friday morning and announce any changes from what is in the Charms calendar. 

Thank You’s

Today’s snack thank you’s go out to Sara Hansen, Shannon Beal, Amy Neils, Megen Rupnow, Heather Thielges, and Stephani Kenward.  The snacks this week have been the perfect nutritional bump each day for the students. 

That’s all for tonight!  I can’t wait to see the Lancers on the street tomorrow night!  See everyone tomorrow night!

Dave Wilkie
Lancers Parent Association Board President