Spat Camp - Day 3

Spat Camp day three has ended the band has come off the track and into the pits for the night. With the weather today a lot of work was done inside but the rain stayed away so the last two hours of rehearsal was outside working on the show. Set, play, and reset is the name of the game out on the grid. Music is being played better and the drill movements are improving with each rep!

So today I would like to spend some time talking about parades! Lake Crystal Battle of the Bands kicks off the season this Friday night. The veteran families know that the judging area is the best place to view the bands performances. Coming early to the parade route is key to getting the best viewing spot. Lancer fans are known for coming early to save the best spots for each other. For the rookie families don’t be shy with any other person wearing their Lancer gear, believe me they would love to get to know you and talk about Lancers!

I posted the parade route for Lake Crystal on the 2019 Lancers Facebook page earlier today so check that out to find where you want to watch the parade from before you head over. The parades on Saturday in Owatonna and Waconia are two of the more popular ones so make sure that you do make time to get their early for your viewing spot. If you go to your Charms account and click on the Handouts & Files folder there is a folder in there called Parade Routes. Click on that and you will find the parade routes for all the parades this season.

Now for the information you need to know about the parade day itinerary for your Lancer just click the parade on the calendar on the website The itineraries are on there up to St. Cloud and will be updated beyond that very soon. This is the information you need to know for getting your Lancer to the school for load up before and gives you the approximate time of return from the parade.

I want to encourage our Rookie Lancer families to talk with all the different Lancer fans around you at the parades this weekend and season. The Mankato 77 Lancers have a fanbase second to none in my opinion. If you get to know some, they will be your friends for life! You will discover that much like your kids are once a Lancer, always a Lancer; our fans are once a Lancer fan, always a Lancer fan.

I’m excited for parade season to start because some of the work we put in for the Parent Board is completed and we get to watch the fruits of the student’s labor and put the best marching band show on the street in Minnesota! If you see me this weekend make sure to stop and say “Hi” …you may have to nudge me though because I’m afraid that I may take a nap in my lawn chair if I sit still for too long by that point in the week!

I hope that gives you some insight of what to expect for the parades this weekend. Tomorrow preparations for Meet the Lancers will begin to ramp up with the final push on Thursday. We are ready to drop the green flag on the parade season!

Thank You’s

Thank you for the snack donations today from Jen Buchanan, Brian Jones, Holly Nevills, Kelly Huggins, Jane Younge, and Ann Gustafson.  I can't say enough how well the students are enjoying the snacks this week!  Lancer parents truly are the best!!

Till tomorrow night!

Dave Wilkie
Lancers Parent Association Board President