Spat Camp - Day 2

Spat Camp day two is in the books and what a beautiful day it was! The weather couldn’t have been better for the Lancers to get plenty of work done outside. That is a good thing since the weather looks to turn cold with a very good chance for rain tomorrow. So, remember to check on the weather before heading out the door in the morning and send your Lancer prepared for the day. With the great weather today though a group of us Parent Board members took advantage to go outside to watch the last hour of rehearsal and we got to see the first full run-through of the 2019 show. It will be amazing to see the run-throughs progress over the week.

So today there is not much news to share but here is the rundown:


We still are in need of parade chaperones for this weekend. There is one open slot on Friday for Lake Crystal and three open slots for Saturday for Owatonna/Waconia. Chaperones are essential to helping out the students before and after parades and it allows you to be right by each performance along the route. So please consider helping out!

Meet The Lancers - Volunteers

We are down to needing only a couple people to help out moving road barricades on Thursday night for the street performance at Meet the Lancers. If you help out you WILL NOT miss a moment of the street performance or concert performances that night so please help us out!

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets as always are available during rehearsal hours at the high school in the Parent Board room #104. Just look for our new Lancers banner outside the room!

Spat Camp Snacks

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has signed up for donating snacks this week. They have been a perfect addition to the day to give the students a little something to power through rehearsal! The students have been very appreciative of the snacks! We do have a couple slots open later in the week if you would still like to donate.

Thank You’s

Today’s snack thank you’s go out to Karen Wilson, Laura Conn, Al Clennon, Angie Anderson, Tracy Ries, and Anna Toth. Thank you for your generous treats! Also thank you to Pepsi of Mankato for the donation of powdered Gatorade for the students to have throughout the day.

That’s all for today, get some sleep and we’ll see everyone tomorrow!

Dave Wilkie
Lancers Parent Association Board President