Raffle Ticket Turn-In & Tour Talk

Good Morning Lancers and Families,

Tonight is Tour Talk and also raffle ticket turn in. We will start accepting turn in's at 4:30 pm till just before Tour Talk at 7:00 pm. Please read carefully the instructions on the front of your ticket bag on what you need to do for ticket turn in. The couple big things that I would like to stress though is NO CASH will be accepted. Please write one check to LPA for all the cash you have received. DO NOT unstaple the ticket bundles and rubber band the bundles in numerical order to help speed up the ticket turn in process.

We need all sold and unsold tickets returned this evening!

Mr. Thursby will be the main speaker at Tour Talk going over the itineraries for both Mini-Tour this upcoming weekend and then the San Antonio Tour next week. If you have any questions about either tours please bring them this evening so you can share your question and get an answer immediately from the director.

I will direct you to the Parent Handbook that is available on the website in the Parent Resource area if you have questions about what to pack for these tours. The handbook gives you a great starting point on what you need to pack for tour.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and support at all the Lancer events and parades over the past couple weeks. Now it's time for the final stretch of the season! See everyone tonight!

Dave Wilkie
Lancer Parent Association Board President