Pie in the Park

Good Morning Lancer Families!

We are just one week away from Pie in the Park and we need volunteers and pies. There will be a sign up email for the volunteers coming soon. Now, for my favorite event.....PIE and Lancers....

Each Lancer family needs to bring 2 BAKED pies (we do not have refrigeration, so cream pies are not accepted) to East High School on Monday night from 5pm-7pm or Tuesday from 9am-Noon. Bakers Square is kind enough to do a 20% discount on pies again this year.

**I have added a new option this year, if you bring $24 to the parent board room before or after practice, we will take care of the pie for you. You don't have to pick up or drop off. It's all taken care of! This must be done by this Saturday.**

The evening will go as follows:

We will serve beginning at 5pm. We will be done serving at 7pm, when the Mankato Municipal Band begins playing. The 77 Cadets will perform next, then the Lancers will do their field show. You will NOT miss anything by volunteering for the late shift, we will be done cleaning up by then. I will then need a couple of volunteers to meet us back at East to unload the truck. It's a great fundraiser for the band, and I appreciate everyone's willingness to help.

Have a fantastic week!

Lynn Waterbury

UPDATE: The 77 Cadets won’t be performing at Pie in the Park due to this season’s summer schedule. Pie in the Park takes place before the Cadets start rehearsing. The 77 Cadets will be performing at Thunder of Drums, Fun Days, and the Final Concert.