Mid-Week Update

The past couple of days we have made some great additions to ‘The Race’ and we are looking forward to one more big rehearsal tomorrow before a busy weekend. Just a few reminders as we prepare to hit the road!


Uniforms should have all come home today. Please follow the instructions given in rehearsal and make sure to have them back and ready to load on the trailer on Saturday!


As a slight change of plans we will be meeting at the Madison East mall (across from Franklin Rogers Park) to load the buses and trailer on Saturday at 1:00pm. This doesn't change the timing of the itinerary — just the initial location and it will allow us to depart directly from the Moondogs game.


The itinerary for Sunday has been finalized and uploaded to the Charms calendar along with the website. We will meet at the Mankato Golf Club (in shells) at 12:30pm. There will be helpers showing you where to park, but I encourage carpooling by section.

Thanks for everything that all of you have done to make this season special already — now we begin the next phase of the Race towards Alexandria and San Antonio! #HUP

Michael Thursby
77 Lancers Director