Lancers 2020 Season

Good Morning Lancers and Families,

With the beginning of the school year just a couple weeks away it also signals the beginning of the next season for Lancers. With the new season will come with the hiring of a new director for the 77 Lancers Marching Band.

Hiring a New Director

The Lancers Parent Association Parent Board met with Audra Nissen Boyer of Mankato Community Ed and Eric Hudspeth of Mankato Area Public Schools about the hiring process for the new director. Audra has forwarded a letter to share with everyone in regards to the new director attached here.

Audra’s Letter

Please take a moment to read it.

The job posting went online this morning for the position and will stay open until the position is filled. Once a pool of applicants is gathered the district will start the first round of interviews that both Audra and Eric will oversee with the inclusion of some Lancer students and parents. Audra and Eric will determine a finalist from those interviews and conduct the final interview with a finalist they chose. Mankato Community Ed will make the announcement once the school board has approved the hiring of the finalist. It will be the goal of the LPA Parent Board to keep everyone informed of where the process is but we will not be able to speak of any of the specifics of the people involved or what is discussed within the hiring process.

Parent Board Members and Officers

Yesterday the LPA met to hold the election of officers for the 2020 season. First I would like to recognize the three members who have filled their terms or have graduated out of the Lancers;

Lori Maday, Lynn Waterbury, and Heidi Bednarchuk. Thank you for your years of service and volunteering your time to further the success of the 77 Lancers Marching Band.

I would like to welcome our three new members to the LPA Parent Board; Julie Hudrlik, Anna Toth, and Jen Willaert. They will be great additions to the board this upcoming season!

The results of the election were as follows: Dave Wilkie - President, Jen Besel - Vice President, Julie Hudrlik - Seceretary, Kim Schanbacher - Treasurer, Mike Menne - Grant Coordinator, and Justin Clifton - Public Relations Coordinator.

We all look forward to making the 2020 season just as successful as in the past!

Additional Information

We are currently updating our contact information here on our website. Please bookmark the site as we will be using that as our one place for all your information about Lancers. All communication throughout the year will be available there after we have emailed it out to you. We will be sending out information next month about all of our fall fundraisers but also keep your eye out for sign ups for MSU football and hockey games and also for concerts at the Mankato Civic Center in October. All of us on the LPA Parent Board are available to answer questions at any time so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Again we look forward to working with all the Lancer families for the 2020 season and making it a success!

Dave Wilkie
Lancers Parent Association President