Kep Moore Concert & More

Good Morning,

There is one more spot open for ticket taking for the Kip Moore concert next Thursday evening at Riverfront Park. You will need to report to the ticket office by 6:00 pm to work. They are asking that if you are working events down at Riverfront Park to wear Lancer branded apparel so that they will know you are there to work, they won't be making us wear the yellow event staff jackets.

Here is the link to sign up

Also, as I mentioned on Sunday night we have been asked to work Ribfest this year. They are asking for nine people each night to help take tickets and a few people to help usher around the reserved seating areas. You will need to report at 4:30 pm if you sign up to work these concerts.

I will be sending out the sign ups on Monday morning, so watch your email for those.

Do not reply to this email to let me know you will work, please use the sign up link when I email that on Monday.

Thank you,
Dave Wilkie
Lancers Ushering Coordinator