The Lancer students and Parent Association rely on the generosity of family, friends, and local businesses in the Greater Mankato area.

The Parent Association uses community wide fundraising to cover the expenses that help to keep the organization running smoothly. The students pay a registration fee to Community Education and that money goes to pay staff salaries and bussing. There are MANY more expenses to running an organization as large as the Lancers and the Parent Association covers all of those additional expenses! Here are just a few:

  • Instruments

  • The equipment trailer and maintenance on it

  • Uniforms, both regular and Color Guard

  • Advertising

  • First Aid Supplies

  • Clinicians fees, transportation & lodging

  • Gatorade, Ice & Water at ALL parades

  • Gas/Mileage to get staff and trailer to all parades

  • Meals, snacks & refreshments for all Lancers, Staff & Clinicians while on Mini Tour

  • Meals for Staff & Clinicians during Spat Camp

  • Some meals, snacks & refreshments while on Tour

  • Evening treats during Alpha & Spat Camps

  • A Team dinner before the first parade

  • Additional staff salaries & bussing above what Community Ed covers

  • Civic Center Expenses for the Final Concert

The Students have individual fundraisers that help to cover the cost of tour each season, which on average is over $800! If you are a student, or have a student interested in joining this great organization, below is a list of the individual fundraising opportunities throughout the year:


Scrip is our newest fundraiser and one that holds great promise in helping Lancers offset the cost of the season through fundraising. Essentially, it involves purchasing gift cards. A percentage from each card gets credited to your child's account. Percentages vary depending on the card, but they range from 2 percent on up to 14 percent! It's very simple: Your purchasing power is for the full value of the card, and in many cases it is for things you may already be buying anyway, such as groceries or gas.

ShopWithScrip - Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a free account at

  2. Order Scrip gift cards to use at 100’s of local retailers or use ScripNow for faster Scrip.

  3. Earn rebates on your purchases to go towards your Lancer’s account.

  4. Sign up today and start shopping! Places you shop will donate a portion of your purchases back to the Lancers organization.

Please check it out. We're hoping this becomes a great way to whittle away at that tour cost!

Fruit Sales

The Lancers fruit fundraiser has been popular for many years.

The sale is conducted each year in November (delivery in December) and March (delivery in April).


MSU Football Ushering

The Lancers are ushers at the Minnesota State University Mankato home football game at Blakeslee Stadium in Mankato each fall (August – November). The sign-ups for football ushering begin approximately early August each year. Each Lancer usher receives a set amount for each game worked towards their Lancer account. Football ushers must be at least 15 years old.

MSU Hockey Ushering

The Lancers are ushers at the Minnesota State University Mankato home hockey game at Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato each hockey season. The sign-ups for hockey ushering begin in fall. Each Lancer usher receives a set amount for each game worked towards their Lancer account. Each hockey usher needs to review the rules and info below. Hockey ushers must be at least 16 years old.

Email if interested in ushering. You can sign up 2 workers per Lancer for each game.

Hockey Ushering Rules
Hockey Usher General Information
Guest Rules Verizon Center

Garage Sale

One of the biggest fundraisers is our Lancer garage sale. 100% of your sales will go to your Lancers tour fund. We encourage you to bring your items for sale, if you do not have enough for a table, ask your family and friends.

No money will be transacted at your table. Purchases are made with tickets sold at the door. All tickets will be sold at $1.00 increments so please have all your items marked at least $1.00.

Each Lancer will need to sign-up in advance for their table. There will be a small fee for renting the tables.

The Garage Sale is held in April each year.

Pizza Ranch

The Pizza Ranch fundraiser is primarily for the students who are too young to work at the MSU Hockey games. Primary functions are to bus tables and clean. Dates are added throughout the season based on Pizza Ranch’s schedule. If you are interested in this fundraiser, please contact Lynn Waterbury at

Raffle Tickets

Late Spring & Early Summer: The 2019 raffle prize drawing will be held at the final concert on July 13, 2019. Thank you to everyone who supports the raffle by purchasing tickets and donating prizes.

Current List of 2019 Raffle Prizes

Final List of 2019 Raffle Prize Winners