Charms is an essential tool of communication with Lancers and their families! Registering in Charms allows us to easily keep you up to date with emails from the Lancer Director, Parent Board President, Treasurer, and Secretary along with managing student finances, and the official Lancer Calendar.

The website link is:

Under the ENTER tab on the right, click on: parents/students/helpers

Then enter: 77lancersband

Student ID#: _____________ This is unique for each Lancer. You would have received an email from “Lancersecretary” after you registered with Community Ed. If you are a veteran Lancer and have forgotten your password, please email to have it re-set to your student ID.

Once logged in click on “Update Info” tab. Please “Add New Adult” for each parent contact information.

You can also sync the calendar to your mobile phone, just click on “calendar” and above the month and date there is a box to “sync calendar”, follow the steps from there.

Finances is where you can see account information.

Please allow at least one week before student payments are updated to Charms

Mobile App

Charms also supplies an app for Apple and Android devices. You can download and install the Charms app to your phone using the corresponding link below.